Easy Painting Techniques For You

Welcome! If painting is your passion, and you'd like to learn easy painting techniques to make your pictures come alive, then you're in the right place.

Bringing landscapes, still life or portraits to a canvas is a real challenge. It's never easy to capture just the right tone in your work.

I've been painting off and on my whole life. Creating art is my biggest passion

But it wasn't until I made a commitment to myself to improve through study and practice, that I really began to show real promise as an emerging painter.

You can do it, too. I'm going to show you how to take your hobby to the next level, create better paintings, and most of all, enjoy yourself like you have never done before.

Let's go!

Where to Start

No matter how long you've felt the deep desire to paint, to create art, you can benefit from a reboot of painting basics. We'll cover topics like how to mix paint, how to clean brushes, and an overview of painting styles.

Many artists cannot paint straight onto a plain canvas or surface. If you need a form or an outline to help focus your intention, you'll need to practice your drawing too. No worries, you can bring up your drawing and painting skills at the same time.

For instance, you could take a basic drawing and painting classes at the same time. A quick sketch or a detailed outline can help your realism and keep your color values on target.

Moving Ahead

Once you have a handle on the basics of drawing and painting techniques, you'll feel free to really express yourself.

I like to work in oils and acrylics paints and will share my experience and tips with both media. I enjoy doing landscapes, still life and portraits. Hopefully, you do too or would like to learn how.

On the Road?

If you're like me, living a mobile lifestyle, i.e., frequent travel, then you'll want to read my tips on the best art supplies you can take on the road.

Portable easels, foldable or throw away palettes, lightweight paint and space-saving brushes will make your life a lot easier.

More About Me

These days, I like to be called by my nickname, SK. Please read my story here. I hope it inspires you to actually create art.

Learn painting techniques with Kevin Simon, aka SK

Let's get out our brushes and paints and work to capture some of the many thoughts and ideas that constantly whirl around in our creative minds.

Feel free to use my easy painting techniques website to assist and entertain you wherever needed.

To your painting enjoyment,


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